Work Samples for the Presser Award Proposal

Click here to see a pdf of the application text and budget.

Below are examples of the works referenced in my proposal. These works show my experience in the creation of electroacoustic music, and demonstrate some of my experience in working with visual media.

July 8 (live processed acoustic piano, pre-recorded piano and other sounds, digital synthesis, recorded live). Created in collaboration with filmmaker Lyndsay Bloom.

Canticle (live processed alto saxophone, recorded live). Video of the studio recording, performed by myself and engineered by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, NY.

Proof-of-concept video of new audio visualization software using Canticle as source audio. These visuals will be projected onto me as I perform. The software is still being developed but is close to completion.

TYLKO (live processed acoustic piano, digital synthesis, recorded live)