• Instrumentation: Little Wing (11-piece mixed chamber ensemble) and film
  • Premiered: April 8th, 2016, Ades Performance Space at Manhattan School of Music
  • Program Note: “Hudson” is a culmination of three things: my love of the Hudson River, which I grew up near and spent a lot of time in and around; my love and dedication to music performance and composition; and lastly, my passion and interest in photography and film. The musical aspect of Hudson draws influence from my favorite classical and non-classical composers, ranging from Steve Reich to Sufjan Stevens to Sigur Rós. I am drawn to the way each can create an expansive feeling while still maintaining a strong sense of intimacy in the music. The unusual ensemble reflects this range of stylistic influences, including a string section representative of an orchestra, horns reminiscent of a jazz ensemble, and a drummer well-versed in rock music.  Sufjan Stevens’ Round Up film and accompanying live score was the catalyst for this project and helped me realize the potential that is present when the music being played with a film is not a soundtrack but rather on a more even plane with the film. The music and film can interact with one another instead of the music playing a solely supporting role to the film. My main photographic focus until recently had been still photographs, but I am interested in the story a stationary camera recording a moving image can tell and in the artistic possibilities this technique creates. There are many art films from the 20th century that center around this idea, but I wanted to take it a step further and add original music to my photographic experiment.
  • Performers in the premiere: Sam Torres, conductor; Ali Comerford, violin; Carrie Frey, viola; Isidora Nojkovic, cello; Sam Zagnit, double bass; Christof Knoche, bass clarinet; Tayla Nebesky, trumpet and accordion; Andrew Karboski, trombone; Sophia Subbayya Vastek, piano; Olli Hirvonen, electric guitar; Max Yassky, drums.