Canticle started as a way for me to explore the programming language Max/MSP, explore making sounds with a saxophone that I hadn’t made before, and in turn, explore making my own music in a completely new way. Since then it has evolved from a point of entry into exploration to a notated composition that other people perform, to a loosely guided improvisation, multimedia work, hour long drone piece... how can the title “Canticle” describe so many different things in different forms? The answer to that question is here on this page: if Canticle is an ongoing, evolving project, and not a set “piece,” I don’t really have to worry about limiting what it is to a finite thing. Canticle is more about the approach to the creation of the music, the mindset I’m in as the performer, and the discovering the vast sound worlds available to me rather than limiting it to a singular, definable musical entity.

On this page are various iterations from my Canticle project from 2015 to the present. A full-length album of Canticle material is currently in the works. 

Latest release: Canticle (live) – 2019

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